Frequently Asked Questions About BlinkPix

BlinkPix is a monthly subscription service that let’s you select 5 photos from your iOS photo gallery, upload them to our safe & secure server, and we’ll in turn print and mail two sets (10 prints total) to two different addresses of your choosing. It’s a wonderful way to take the convenience of today’s image capturing technology (mobile phone cameras) and create tangible prints that can be shared and enjoyed by friends and family—on a regular subscription basis.
It’s just $9.99 per month and there is NO CHARGE for shipping. Yes, shipping is free. The $9.99 rate includes the printing and delivery of your 5 photographs to two separate addresses. Shipping outside of the US is coming soon. Stay tuned!
The app is available in the Apple App store for the iPhone, iPod and iPad. We are working hard at this very moment on releasing BlinkPix for Android; check back periodically to see when this will launch.
As with all products and applications from the Blinkbuggy family, our goal is to make the user interface simple and straightforward. We want you to be able to create and send a BlinkPix order with ease from your iPhone while checking out at the grocery store.
For the app to work, you are required to upload 5 photos. Otherwise you cannot move to the next steps and mail the prints.
Prints should be received by your two addressees within 7 - 10 days from upload, location depending. On the rare occasion that your parties have not received prints by 14 days, email us and we’ll figure out what’s happening.
You will be prompted by us to upload your next set of 5 photos 30 days after the last upload. And your “Start date” depends on when you signed up for the subscription service; your BlinkPix starts when you sign up and goes in 30 day increments from there. (We’re not on a 1st-of-the-month type schedule. ‘Cause that would be boring.)
We will keep your account active as well as save your chosen mailing addresses.The fee of $9.99 is a subscription cost and you will still be charged if you choose to not upload 5 photos by your due date. However, if you don’t have enough new photos… the beauty of the service is that you can always upload older photos you meant to print but never got around to. You cannot accrue or roll over extra pictures to future months if unused during a month. The $9.99 monthly subscription fee is nonrefundable.
All uploaded photos will be archived within your ‘Library’ in your personalized BlinkPix account. But then again, you can never have enough prints of dad getting soaked in the carnival dunk tank, can you?
Your safe & secure BlinkPix account is just that—safe. We’ll hold your (encrypted) credit card info, and it’s easy to swap cards, too.
At this stage we don’t have this option built into the app. But if you email us at, we can try and work something out to accommodate you.
After uploading your 5 images each month, you’ll be prompted to enter two addresses on two separate screens. You can enter a family member’s address then, or go back in the “Settings” screen at any point to update the addresses that will receive prints the following month.
To delete an address from your account, go to Settings and remove any addresses you’ve previously input.
We ship in the US only. However shipping outside of the US is coming soon. Stay tuned!
In the app, go to your “Settings” and click on “Credit Card/Payment Info” for doing just this. In due time we will add additional payment methods here.
Soon! In the near future you will be able add $9.99 fee to your billing and gift the service to a friend or family member. However, they will need to sign up and create their own account.
Email us at and we’ll help you out of that jam.
Um, why would you do that? Naw just kidding! If you must… shoot us an email at with the subject “Cancel Subscription.” We’ll be sorry to see you go. (Cue tear.)
BlinkPix does not give out parenting nor couples advice; for that seek a licensed professional. For all BlinkPix related inquiries, you can drop us a line at and ask away. In the meantime, please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where we may answer future questions—or just post a bunch of really cute pics.